Residential and Commercial Heating Contractors

In the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, heating is an important component of maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. With many older homes across the state, keeping homes insulated and warm is a challenging task that leads to high energy costs. We offer Florida residents and businesses with a wide range of energy solutions and we are the leading experts in repairing and replacing electric heat systems.

Common Home Heat Services

The efficiency of these systems is based on the time it takes for them to start up and transport the heated air through the home. This can be largely influenced by the size of the air handler with electric heat or boiler.

If we arrive on your property in the Tampa Bay Area and find that your air handler with electric heat is oversized, we will often recommend upgrading to a more efficient model that will promote greater heating efficiency and quality while keeping energy costs low. If the system doesn’t need to be replaced entirely, we can retrofit it so that it runs on different energy sources.

By upgrading the systems to run on cleaner sources, this can also be an efficient way to reduce costs. If necessary, we can also upgrade the heating air ducts in your home or business to help reduce energy loss and encourage the indoor air to be transported through the building more effectively. Our technicians will determine what is best suited for your needs and offer the best solution possible.

How Electric Heat Operates and Keep Homes Warm

In the Tampa Bay area, electric heat and boilers are among the most common applications for heating rooms in homes and businesses. Electric Heat functions by blowing heated air through ducts positioned in the ceiling into rooms throughout the house

How Electric Heaters are Fixed

While electric heaters are a common feature in homes, there are many flaws in the design that can cause them to become inoperable or inefficient. They require large amounts of energy to start up, warm a room, blow air through the ducts and turn off as well. The energy needed for these steps are significant and increase the costs of repairs and maintenance significantly.

In addition, electric heaters installation standards and procedures haven’t been updated in the last couple of decades until recently, and the result is that there are many outdated electric heat systems in homes across the state. We take the time to diagnose what and where the problem could be and fix it accordingly with our heating services in the Tampa Bay Area. Whether by replacing the entire electric heater and installing a new one or replacing single parts of it, we will get the job done right.

Service You Can Trust!

At 3 Ways of Air, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we offer heating services to our customers in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas.

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When you need heating and electric heat services from repairs to replacements, call our experts at 3 Ways of Air. We are proud to provide our customers with the best electric heat repairs and replacement methods in the industry for all of the residents and business owners in Tampa Bay Area and surroundings. Our work is cost-effective and convenient so that you can live comfortably without worrying about the quality of your heating systems.


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